vlc tips tricks

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Overview of vlc tips tricks

This is my summary of vlc tips tricks which I will try to extend.


  1. Chose a skin from:
  2. Extract, move, copy the .vlt file into the skins directory of VLC.
  3. Right click -> Interface -> Open skin
  4. Chose your skin
  5. Close VLC and reopen it


To make the skin / playback window transparent:

  1. Right click -> Interface -> Preference
  2. Change Show settings to all
  3. Interface -> Main Interface -> Interface module change to Qt interface and check the skinnable interface
  4. Interface -> Main Interface -> Qt -> Windows Opacity (I changed to 0.80)
  5. Interface ->Skins -> Chose skin
  6. Save
  7. Close VLC and reopen it
  8. Enjoy

vlc settings

Play youtube video via VLC:

  1. Right click -> Open media -> Open Network
  2. Paste the copied url from youtube
  3. Hit play

vlc tips tricks

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