Stream from Kodi to Samsung smart TV

Stream from Kodi to Samsung smart TV

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Stream from Kodi to Samsung smart TV

Who doesnt know what Kodi is:

The key feature for me is to stream from Kodi to Samsung smart TV or in another words send a video to samsung smart tv via UPnP.

It allows content which is stored in its library and depending on the video format also video streamed from some addons directly to Samsung smart TV.

For example from addon 1channel. As mentioned depending in what format is the movie stored and if TV Supports it, for me worked,,

I didnt find a quick way to find out from which source the movie will be streamed. I just tried and noted down the one which worked. I suspect that it depends on the video format of the movie.

For example you have on your tablet, notebook, or mobile kodi and would like to see the movie on big screen of tv.

By using in the context menu play using and then chose the device.

Following settings have to be activated on kodi and reboot it to activate the function.



As a alternative its possible to use popcorn time and stream to TV.

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