putty ssh socks proxy

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Putty ssh socks proxy

Goal is to reach a remote network as I would be located physically at that site. With help of putty ssh socks proxy it is possible to get access to network restricted content. (Your router, ISP forum site, NAS, Webcam, etc)

I checked my IP address before setup of the proxy and after via http://www.whatsmyipaddress.net/.

My scenario:

Raspberry Pi with raspbian at site A which is reachable with SSH via public IP address.

Putty SSH Client at site B.


Example of servers IP or domain name entered in Putty:

putty ssh socks proxy

Example of dynamic port-forwarding:

putty ssh socks proxy

Example of settings for proxy in firefox:

putty ssh socks proxy

Now just establish the ssh connection and put in the address bar of firefox IP of your network components. Router, Webcam, NAS etc.

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