ssh multi hop proxy

SSH multi hop proxy


|————-Location A———————|           SSH over Internet          |—————-Location B—————–|

Windows PC —-> Raspberry Pi 1 (Linux) ———————————–> Raspberry Pi 2 (Linux) ——> Internet


1.) Connect via SSH with Putty from Windows PC over Raspberry Pi 1 to  Raspberry Pi 2  and access its network and internet connection.

This can be accomplished with ssh multi hop proxy solution.

How to configure:

1.) SSH session from Windows PC to Raspberry pi 1.

2.) Configure SSH port-forwarding. In my case Local Port 1234 on Windows PC will forward traffic to Raspberry pi 1 to port 5678.

ssh multi hop proxy

3.) Automatically a SSH session from Raspberry pi 1 to Raspberry Pi 2 will be established. Dynamic port forwarding 5678.

ssh multi hop proxy

Example of usage:

1.) Possible to access network components as Router which is connected to Raspberry Pi 2 just type the IP address of the router as you would be in the network.

2.) In case that ISP in location B provides IPTV this is also accessible with help of udpxy and VLC (Proxy has to be configured:

ssh multi hop proxy

3. Access Camera Module on Raspberry pi 2.

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