Overview of German TV archive

Overview of German TV archive:

TV Channel Site Content
ARD www.ardmediathek.de Complete programs of all ARD stations
Kabel1 www.kabeleins.de/videos Magazines and series episodes, limited
N24 www.n24.de/mediathek News clips, complete programs
n-tv www.n-tv.de/mediathek News clips, complete programs
Pro7 www.prosieben.de/video Magazines and series episodes, limited
RTL www.rtl-now.de Magazines and series episodes, partly charged
RTL2 www.rtl2now.rtl2.de some complete series
Sat 1 www.sat1.de/video Magazines and series episodes, limited in time
VOX www.voxnow.de Magazines and series episodes, partly charged
WDR www.wdr.de/mediathek Regional magazines, cultural and service programs
ZDF www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek Complete programs of the ZDF program
3sat www.3sat.de/mediathek Complete programs
Arte plus7.arte.tv/de/ Complete programs
BR www.br-online.de/mediathek Complete programs
CC www.comedycentral.de Complete programs
HR www.hr-online.de Program-outs, some complete programs
MTV www.mtv.de/videos Music Videos, Shows
Viva www.viva.tv/TV/Playlist Music videos
KI.KA www.kika.de Children’s programs
Toggo (RTL2) www.www.toggo.de/videos Children’s programs
MDR www.mdr.de/mediathek Program excerpts, complete programs
NDR www.ndr.de/mediathek Program excerpts, complete programs
Phoenix www.phoenix.de Complete programs, Phoenix library archive

Overview of archives on one site:




For accessing blocked geo-restricted sites outside Germany follow:


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