Custom windows desktop

Custom windows desktop

How to achieve a custom windows desktop? With Rainmeter and help of its widgets it is easy to give a new look and feel to your windows desktop.

It can be downloaded from official site

Basic tutorial

I am using the 3.3 Beta Release and chosed to use the portable version during installation so my settings are stored on one place.

Huge community exists which creates themes / widgets for rainmeter and its widgets. Those are combined / tweaked to create wished look and feel.

Overview of sites with rainmeter skins / themes:

Example of theme which I created with combination of different widgets.


Skins / widgets used for my desktop:

  1. Circuit Two
  2. Enigma
  3. Frost
  4. La compagnie des ombres
  5. SCaLPI
  6. Tech-A
  7. VisBubble

Following parts of the above widgets where activated:



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