how find iptv streams

how find iptv streams

How find iptv streams via google

I was searching for “how find iptv streams” on google but didn’t find much helpful methods. Based on information provided from google tips for searching & google regular expressions:

1st example: search for a specific channel on a specific site: “exact name of channel”

also change the time range to get best results.

search for channel

2nd example: search general for several keywords VOX iptv

serach for iptv channel with google

3rd example: regular expressions to search for udpxy daemon

(inurl:”/status”)”udpxy” -allintext: “Active clients”

4th example: use different search engine:

5th example: Search on ,

6th example: Search on Facebook groups keywords like Free tv channels for lg/samsung smart tvs

To check if a channel is working VLC can be used. In menu chose Media ->  Open Network Stream -> Network

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